Relive the conference: #DataPublics

Data Publics: Lancaster University, March 31 | April 1 & 2, 2017

“Those indirectly and seriously affected for good or evil form a group distinctive enough to require recognition and name. The name selected is The Public” [John Dewey, 1927]

Digital Economies | Effects

What are the social, economic, and ethical implications of emerging and future data publics? How are data-oriented publics constituted in and through digital economies? Through which registers of everyday experience do individuals participate in such publics?

Emergence | Behaviours

How do different conditions impact the emergence of data-oriented publics? What new design paradigms are enabled with large-scale data publics? How might we better conceptualise and work with complex data publics? How are new technologies affecting the shape/direction of data publics?

Methods | Interventions

How can we intervene in the formation and transformation of publics? What methods and forms of creative practice are needed to engage with data publics and to either support the emergence of or sustain such publics? How might these affect the direction and shape of data publics?

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